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RPHH facilitates, consults and supports fundamental industry innovations and educational development; From reducing water usage and emissions, developing new food sources, creating immersive cultural experiences, optimising sleep and wellness and applying human-centric repurposing of space, through to the upskilling hospitality talent we innovate design to make this happen.

Inviting industry, academia, policy and civil society to meet, learn from each other, together finding new answers to the biggest questions hospitality is grappling with, creating new sustainable systems and business models.

RPHH work as innovators of Innovation.

  • Online Education
    RPHH believe developing skills and capabilities in innovation, transformation, change management and digitization will best way to future-prepare people for a “new normal”, requiring EQ-based thinking in a tech enabled world.
  • Innovation Platforms
    Where thematic viable industry needs led the development of innovative, ground breaking, research informed work. RPHH form networks and agile teams to unlock funding with market driving solutions.
  • Knowledge Platforms
    Where education providers collaborate with industry to create cutting-edge thought leadership in sustainable innovation solutions. Includes creation of education accreditations and accessible academia.
  • Reference Criteria
    Looking at multi-level governance and leadership, how does this define new way to develop the industry conscious and allow corporate culture to absorb change.
  • Financial Models
    Where research based financial modelling, investment and business model planning comes to life.

For bespoke approaches and true collaborations, please contact us directly.

Shereen Daver, Director of Innovation and Education Projects
Bo Andersson, CEO