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Innovation Systems.

Innovation is Implementation

Christoffer Grönberg

CEO of The Hub


The RPHH 5K Model; Kontacts, Kommunicaton, knowledge, Kordination, Kulture is applied to creating fundamental industry innovations. From reducing zero food waste, micro-communities, water usage and emissions reduction, developing new food sources, to creating immersive cultural experiences, optimising wellbeing and applying human-centric repurposing of space, we like to think of the groups formed as innovators of Innovation. Work with us in the following areas:

  • Online / Blended Education Curriculum Development
    RPHH believe developing skills and capabilities in sustainability, transformation, change management and digitization will be the best way to future-prepare people for a “new normal.” Work with us and some of the leading academic institutions in the world to define Modules, Courses, Nano-edu, Diplomas and / or Degrees that are market driving.
  • Innovation Platforms Teams
    Using open source development RPHH look at thematic trends that need viable conscious industry think. With use of edge Conscious Business Modelling and skilled network collaboration we assist in making your conscious imagination of hospitality an implementable reality.

For bespoke business design to solve for what hospitality issue is keeping you up at night, please contact us directly.