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Food Development

Algae Inspirations for the Christmas Table

RPHH are proud to partner with Sea Farm Fredrik Gröndahl on project Blue Foods. Exploring the use of algae as a new food source. cite the benefits of algae as:
Algae is Fast Growing
Algae Can Have High Biofuel Yields
Algae Consume CO2
Algae Do Not Compete With Agriculture
Microalgal Biomass Can Be Used for Fuel, Feed and Food
Macroalgae Can Be Grown in the Sea
Algae Can Purify Wastewaters
Algal Biomass Can Be Used as an Energy Source
Algae Can Be Used to Produce Many Useful Products
The Algae Industry is a Job Creation Engine
©Andaver, RPHH and KTH have created wonderful food experiences to inspire your Christmas table. Download the booklet to get some holiday food idea like never before.

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