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Transforming Hospitality Whitepaper

DATE: 12 Feb, 00:00 - 31 Dec, 23:00

LOCATION: Digital Download

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The time to rethink business models towards rebuilding the hospitality industry is now.

The current pandemic is shaking the resilient industry of hospitality to its core. The Royal Park Hospitality Hub and White Arkitekter offer us a thought; that this pause is an opportunity to accelerate a change. This most recent partnership has resulted in a thought leading report on Transforming Hospitality Environments – scenarios and approaches for sustainable change. A must read for provoking what an asset and operational transformation could look like.

The Earth is straining under the mass of humanity. Before this aggressive market disruption, the hospitality industry was set to continue to respond to consumer demands with further growth and development. Now, the challenge has changed, requiring a rebuild of the industry.

This is a watershed moment, where an evolution in the hospitality industry could greatly impact the ecosystem as it develops assets and new models for economic viability. It is a unique opportunity for an industry that touches everyone to be used as a platform to make people’s lives better through environments that support sustainability and humanity. Aligning sustainable business goals with financing, challenging conflicts of long-term return versus short term yield. The transition to sustainable practices will require changes in financial goals and investment.

For more information or to discuss your business model
Shereen Daver, Co-Founder RPHH
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: +46 0720226538
This study was conducted with funding from The Royal Park Hospitality Hub White Research Lab (WRL) by White Arkitekter

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Transforming Hospitality Whitepaper

LOCATION: Digital Download

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