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Regenerative Leadership with a Focus on Hospitality

DATE: 7 Dec, 16:00 - 7 Dec, 17:15

LOCATION: Online Event

CATEGORY: Leadership

Price: 300SEK

We are living times of change. We know we can’t come back to the normal before COVID and it is unclear what the future will look like once this crisis is over. This can feel unsettling for individuals and teams, as existing mental models for problem-solving seem obsolete, but at the same time empowering, as we are faced with a unique chance to embrace the unknown to welcome new ways of being, of leading and reframing our impact on the world.

The online Regenerative Learning Sessions are dedicated to bringing awareness, connection and inspiration for virtual teams in times of profound change.

The sessions are guided based on the principles of the U Theory, a process developed by the MIT, where teams will find a safe space to be present, to sense, to learn, to observe, and to connect with each another with open mind, open heart and open will. The conditions welcome an emerging future that unfolds when a system is aware and in the moment.

“The quality of the results produced by any system depends on the quality of the awareness from which people in the system operate” – U Theory.

©Gaea108 Regenerative Learning Sessions are a result of the partnership between Kathrine Maceratta, founder of Gaea Collaboration, and Shereen Daver, founder of 108 Ateliers.

The design of each session builds on their 20 years’ experience in the corporate world combined with their studies of Coaching, Sustainability and Regenerative practices. This is an introduction on how new thinking can be applied to your life and business. This session has a focus on Hospitality, an industry that has been changed inextricably forever. Join us to unlock new ways to betterment.

Monday December 7, 16:00-17:15CET (75-min).

Pre-booking required.

Online only.

300 SEK.

English Language.

Book event Kindly note, since the event is hosted by Royal Park STHLM you will be redirected to finish your booking

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