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Coaching Lab Series: VUCA+ for Hospitality – REGISTRATION CLOSED

DATE: 14 Apr, 08:30 - 5 May, 08:30

LOCATION: Online - Zoom & Slack information will be sent 2-days prior to course start

Price: 999 SEK / approx. 99 EUR

The Coaching Lab Series is brought to you by Royal Park Hospitality Hub. The Lab is for people who want to develop their capabilities within a short-focused time frame, so they can  have a positive influence guiding the hospitality industry.

The first in the online series; Coaching Lab: VUCA+ for Hospitality, acknowledges that the four aspects of the VUCA model are in play, creating a market that requires a change in business planning. The hospitality industry is at tipping point, where the current disruptor has changed the landscape making it more complex than ever. If we apply new VUCA+ thinking; Vision, Understanding, Courage and Adaptability business planning can carve out new possibilities.

This 21-day Nano-program brings the worlds of agile design and pedagogy together. Influencing and influenced by the social, political and psychological development learning. This unique program applies the concept of VUCA+ to hospitality, creating contextual understanding  where different think is critical in business development, activating training muscles that may not have been necessary before. It asks that participants set time aside to reflect, practice and apply new behaviours in an honest and vulnerable way that develops capability and opens possibility.

What is VUCA?

Volatility. Uncertainty. Complexity. Ambiguity.  This is a concept that is used widely in strategic leadership as a reference to the unpredictable nature of the world. It serves as a framework for insight into group and individual behaviour. It facilitates understanding of failures in systems and individuals, looking at behaviours and dynamics. Seeing how people react and plan in VUCA situations. From there it is then possible to develop capacity to anticipate, understand, prepare, interpret and address challenges and opportunities.

Why is VUCA so important to hospitality?

We are expected to operate and live in a more uncertain world than ever. It requires a different way of thinking and asks us to be brave and courageous.  VUCA takes us only so far, so in adapting the model to know that this is the norm means that we can apply different ways to be stewards of work. Where Values, Understanding, Courage and Adaptability become skills to develop to solve for complex and uncertain issues.

Why is this important work?

In this time starved world, COVID has given us an opportunity to see how we can live differently. Showing the value and impact of reflection and pause on world and ourselves. It has also, shown us that the time for action is now and asks we be expansive and brave. The world is forever changed. This is the exact moment to be the change you want to see and be the person you need to be to build a business to be proud of. These tools will last a life time and give you the capacity to self-manage and develop. You’ll also start to build a network of peer thinkers and doers who are shaping industry regeneratively.

The Coaches

The constantly curious Sara Modig is a design strategist, coach and facilitator. With a strong belief in the potential and power of people to learn, grow and contribute to a sustainable society, her work circles around supporting and driving processes for human-centred strategy and business development.

Regenerative thinker Shereen Daver is a transformational business planner, coach and speaker. Her approach invites people to be become self-sustained so that developing capability expands a more conscious and aware business world and society. She believes that people can be stewards of any change they wish to be or see.


21-days towards mastering self, preparing for challenges of the future

Each day a 10-min: At the start of each day a challenge will be sent out and at the end of each day we ask you complete this in Slack

Once a week: A 45-min meeting on Wednesday’s at 08:30  will be held via Zoom. Each session will have short pre-work in the form of a video or short reading

Tools: Use of Miro to post in class comments, Slack and Zoom

Program is in English only

April 9 Pre-work sent out

April 14 First online session

May 5 Last online session

Note: A Slack challenge will be sent out each day, except for the days there is an online session. First challenge April 15

999 SEK / approx.99 EUR (charged in kr) for the 21-days

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Coaching Lab Series: VUCA+ for Hospitality – REGISTRATION CLOSED

LOCATION: Online - Zoom & Slack information will be sent 2-days prior to course start


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