Innovation and Education Centre for the Hospitality Industry

We need to mobilise to develop and shape future solutions for the hospitality industry. In many other industries forums and innovation hubs exist. The Royal Park Hospitality Hub STHLM is the equivalent for the hospitality industry, where we facilitate urgent problems to develop effective and innovative solutions. In collaboration with relevant stakeholders we create and develop scalable business models.

The coronavirus has hit the world’s largest industry hard; tourism and hospitality. In co-operation with the hospitality industry’s stakeholders the Royal Park Hospitality Park Hub STHLM has established an innovation and education centre. Here, opportunities are created together with necessary conditions for furloughs, redundancies, and unemployed personnel to meet in a dynamic and innovative meeting-place.

We urge all stakeholders to actively participate in this coming new migration, in a time when we must work for sustainability, innovation and development of knowledge, doing it together is imperative. Education and new knowledge will be crucial factors for the future hospitality industry.

Explore our unique conditions for innovative collaboration:

  • Education online
  • Education centre
  • Train the trainers
  • Task force teams
  • Business coaching / support
  • Innovation and prototype studio
  • Incubator
  • Think Tank
  • Recruitment platform
  • Capital acquisition / Investor meetings

new migration

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Physical and digital educational opportunities in combination with comprehensive networks which contribute to promote and advance re-employments. A platform for education, skill-development and further education.

We coordinate resources, funding, advice and training activities in cooperation with governmental agencies, professional associations, financial institutions and industry. Creating the conditions for effective re-employment and renewal. The ambition is to increase competitiveness for a sustainable tourism and hospitality industry.

This is a worldwide social crisis and crucial paradigm shift. Sweden has through its previous paradigm shifts a tradition of new thinking, developing new initiatives and implementing them with endurance.

share your voice –
how can we change?

How can people within hospitality who have been affected by the fallout of COVID-19 shape the business and pivot to a changing world and reality.

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