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Christoffer Grönberg

CEO of The Hub


RPHH design co-created processes, operations and organisational cultures, enabling innovative thinking. This starts with leadership, where we believe personal and corporate development go hand-in-hand, that without vital goals or legacy understanding true innovation can’t occur.

  • Design Service 1 – Efficiency, Effectiveness and Innovation design for organisations and leaders
    In collaboration with BraResultat AB the “vital”, most essential goals of an organisation and its leaders is the objective. “The Nordic Way – Lead Performance” intends to go through impact goals, performance goals, organisation conditions and conditions for operations and negotiations related to them.” Co-creating functional and efficient processes and procedures for negotiations, decisions, implementation and evaluation become essential outcomes for the success of innovative organisations.
  • Design Service 2 – Identifying SDG relevancy and implementation for viable sustainable business
    In collaboration with the cognitive head, legacy heart and environmental body are seen as a united ways to create sustainable, regenerative change. Co-creation asks leaders to trust employees to be self-generating and able to express their own narrative in the organisation’s sustainable journey. See a Gaea collaboration Live: Friday September 18 16:00
  • Design Service 3 – Funding & Application craftsmanship and expertise
    In collaboration with Intellotel the first Nordic one-stop-shop has been created. If you are starved of time, or lacking knowledge in Funds and Applications or both, we have a complete solution for you. Meet experts in hospitality asset management, operations, funding and planning to help businesses unlock the funding needed to future-plan and bring your hospitality business ideas to life.