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Business Coaching.

Capacity Building

RPHH ©Andaver have designed tools that enable innovative thinking. Starting with Leadership and Governance, through to developing Conscious Business Models that drive a Hospitable Ecological Economy.

©Conscious Governance: For CEOs, Boards and Steering Groups who want to leave a legacy. Explore a conscious intention towards governing new viable hospitable sustainable business. This new philosophy- and value based thinking opens new ways to implement conscious business directives.

©Courageous Leadership: Moving into a new frontier of leaders those of influence are being asked to develop a new capacity of being courageous. Explore what this feels like and the implications of how to apply it to business.

©Conscious Business Models: CANVAS For conscious hospitality. Strategically looking at the business model with intention, will and purpose of owner, leader or governance committee at the centre. Designed for pragmatic industry change it can build or evolve from where you are, or demand new innovation.

©Hospitality Ecological Economy. Biomimicry in action the cycle of regeneration and no waste from nature is taken into business. Applies circular thinking to hospitality business economy and looks towards supporting basic human needs to develop a new type of viable business.

If you want to become part of the team, provide training, coaching or workshops that align with RPHH values please feel free to contact us. Look forward to developing with you.

Shereen Daver, Director of Innovation and Education Projects
Bo Andersson, CEO